Level 1 -
Strength: 11 ( +2 )
Constitution: 1 ( -3 )
Dexterity: 13 ( +3 )
Intelligence: 8 ( 0 )
Wisdom: 10 ( +1 )
Charisma: 12 ( +2 )
HP: 10
AC: 9

Race: Marrer (Half-Elf)
Class: Fighter
Hair: Green, Pixie-Cut
Eyes: Brown
Age: 18
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 130lb.

Combat Feats -
Extra Attack
Weapon Focus (Longsword)

General Feats -
Perform (Wood Instrument)

Equipment -
Elven Longsword
Elven Longsword
+1 Dagger
White/Red Cloth Dress
Black Capris
Low-Cut Boots


Derra was a Half-Elf Fighter, and the daughter of Jollen. Derra was born in the city of Iranel, located on the continent of Southern Ahrea in AC1244. She remained there until the Rakan Mining Incident of AC1262, after which she took up a traveling life with her lifelong companion Drenn.

Her unusual green hair was the result of her Wood Elven mother having “blessed” her as a child, in the form of some kind of permanent coloration spell. Her mother soon passed on after Derra’s birth, however, and Derra grew up in the care of her father Jollen.

She was trained by the old dwarf Otts from her youth in order to follow in the footsteps of her father as a Monster Hunter, though Jollen hoped that Derra would never have to follow the path that he took in life. Regardless, Derra became quite skilled in swordplay with Jollen and Otts’s guidance, and was something she honed and remembered throughout her life.

Derra first used her combat skills in anger during the Rakan Mining Incident of AC1262, as her father had gone missing after attempting to rescue many of the miners that were trapped. After a Black Legion advance had caused many Dakans and Dinis to overtake the mines, Jollen had successfully freed several of the trapped miners, but all contact was lost with the mine the day after these miners had been freed. Despite Otts’s hesitation to allow her to come along on the search for Jollen and the other missing miners, Derra forced the old dwarf to allow her and her companions to come along. After encountering many of the Dakans and Dinis in the mines, and after the loss of Otts, Deela, and Gredus, Derra was able to rescue many of the other captured miners. Unfortunately, she found her father mortally wounded after a encounter with a Black Legion Knight, and was forced to bury her own father during the days after the liberation of the Rakan Mine.

Recognized with her companions Drenn and Alle’Nea as heroes after their liberation the Rakan Mine, Derra was left bedridden with multiple wounds she had suffered in the mine. Unfortunately the Black Legion sent a squad of men to find her and her companions, however, and these men began raiding the neighborhood she lived in until she made her presence known. Despite being badly wounded and unarmored, Derra fought these Black Legion troopers off, but was devastated at the chaos that was caused in the search for her.


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