Level 1 -
Strength: 9 ( +1 )
Constitution: 7 ( -1 )
Dexterity: 3 ( -2 )
Intelligence: 4 ( -2 )
Wisdom: 4 ( -2 )
Charisma: 1 ( -3 )
HP: 14
AC: 9

Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Hair: White, Short
Eyes: Brown
Age: 89
Height: 4’5"
Weight: 200lb.

Combat Feats -
Extra Attack
Empower Melee Attack

General Feats -

Equipment -
Dwarven Longsword


Otts was a Dwarf Fighter, and a good friend of Derra’s father Jollen. He lived in the city of Iranel in Southern Ahrea, and was considered a master swordsman of his time.

Upon Jollen’s request, Otts trained Derra during her youth in order to teach her the fine arts of swordfighting, though the young half-elf found the dwarf to be a rather rude and inconsiderate teacher. Regardless, Derra always considered Otts as a second father of sorts. During this time, Otts trained Drenn and his own son Arv as well.

When Jollen went missing during the Rakan Mine Incident of AC1262, Otts was one of the first to go searching for his old friend, though he was forced to reluctantly allow Derra and Drenn on the search. He feared for their lives, and did not share his opinion of Jollen‘s fate to the man’s daughter.

Otts died in the Rakan Mine, after following Derra‘s party into an unstable portion of the mine. As Alle’Nea warned the party to retreat from the crumbling mine, Otts knocked upon a wood plank holding the tunnel roof together, stating that there was nothing to fear. Unfortunately, Otts’s pride in the construction of the mine was misplaced, as the tunnel collapsed on him. He was killed instantly during the cave-in, though the rest of his party was able to escape unharmed.


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